about wild roots....

Wild Roots offers esthetics to the strong and beautiful people visiting and living on the west coast. It sits in the heart of down town Ucluelet harbour, and is the heart and hands of Jess Arthurs.  

About Jess...


She was born on the east coast and raised in Nova Scotia. The west coast called to her in multiple ways and she answered those calls in her teens. Now, many years later, still in love with Ucluelet, and raising a son, Jess maintains a connection with the natural space that brought her. The pace of like minded people in Ukee provides Jess with a wellness community that supports all levels of self care. 

Some time ago, as witness to a friend’s passion for esthetics, the spark of interest in this ‘industry of beautiful’ grew quickly passed curiosity. Enrolling in the esthetics program at VIU was a natural choice that provided Jess with a solid foundation of skills to begin a career as a well rounded esthetician. 

The first few years post Vancouver Island University delivered her, mind open and hands well prepared, to spa teams across the Island. It was during these initial positions that she had the opportunity to learn from her skilled colleagues and realize her own strength in personalized client care. Each treatment given has allowed Jess to connect with her clients on a personal level and open the door to a space of total comfort, relaxation, and encourage each person to let go and feel radiant in their own skin.                                

Now inspired and driven to represent herself authentically, Jess is sharing her craft independently. Wild Roots has been a vision in making connections that last and seeing guests that grow their own confidence and embody the healthy glow of self love.

With a sensitivity to individual needs and an infectious comical disposition, Jess can help you magnify your soul until it shines through your pores. You will leave a session with your go to practitioner feeling light and energized. Get yourself a date with Jess in her charming, warm, and private esthetics studio and you will wonder why you waited so long to put yourself first. Wild Roots waits to pamper you.   



~I meet beautiful people and I do beautiful things~ 

xo Jess